Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Unknown Drama

Assalamualaikum everyone (or no one) 
*kemungkinan besar takde pon org baca blog aku ni. 😅

The end of the 2017 just a month away. Alhamdulillah after almost a year struggle looking for a job. Merisik sana sini. Pinangan aku yg satu ni diterima. 😍 

No more tanam anggur since July 2017. Anggur tak menjadi. Aku buat ubat plak.💊 Haha. My life changed 360 degree kot. From a biotech student to a chemist in pharmaceutical company. From a lazy student to a workaholic person. We used to say sape yg buat OT, geng xde life. (tuju kat dri sndri) 👇

There are so many drama yg dimainkan kat company ni. And yet I have my own drama yg dibintangi oleh me myself and my fellow actor and actress haha 🎥🎬 Aku boleh bertahan keje kat sni just because of these people. 🙌🙌 

Here is the people 👫👬👭 = 

  • Nadia the pretty girl 👧
  • Razi the big liar 😎
  • Bali the B  🐒
  • Mirul the perfectionist 💆
  • Iqbal the gangster celup 💀 

Whenever im feeling down, stress mcm nak pecah kepala, dorang ada bersama aku. Susah senang. Suka duka. Kene marah sama2. I know we wont stay here longer. Thank you guys for making me laugh, for helping me out, for everything that we have done together. 😘😘 lets move forward to achieve our dreams. May Allah bless and ease our journey.

Nah iolss blanja sket gambar geng kuat drama ni. Haha 
*some pictures of us (again abaikan pilihan shawl aku yg dah mcm xde shawl lain)  😥

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fresh graduate

photoshoot kat Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, Kundasang
with le BFF <3 br="">
with the course mates, class mates, lab mates
Assalamualaikum everyone :)

it's been a long time since my last post on this blog. It's 2017 already. Happy new year gaiss (not so new lah). Hello April! and im still sitting in front of the laptop for job hunting. *sigh. So many things happened throughout the year (2016).

here come the list: *drumrolls sound effect

1. FYP aka Final Year Project special for final year student. The story was toooo long to be shared and im lazy to taip banyak2 now. Just a sadis story when I had to change my FYP tittle last minute. Always and forever a last minute person kannn. yg penting at the end of the story I did it!! Siap lab, siap thesis, siap binding, siap hardcover, siap submit and all.

2. Internship aka Latihan Industri right after Raya Aidilfitri celebration. Fly back to Sabah sbb intern kat Koko Sabah for three months only. It was a great experience as I meet with great people yg gila, cakap lepas, kuat gelak and yg sewaktu dengannya. (rindu semua orang 😿)

3. Convocation at the end of Nov, 2016. tu kita share gambar konvo kat ats tu. hehe. only mummy and adik yg ikut pg Sabah. Mixed feeling waktu ni. Happy cause I got to meet everyone back and we are graduated already. Sad bcause it might be the last time jejak kaki ke Sabah and consider as a last farewell.

4. Part time job. My first part time job sepanjang hidup. haha. Work from 10am till 10pm. 26 days in a month and being paid RM900. I did almost everything in the restaurant from taking order, cooking, cashier, cuci pinggan mangkuk, sapu sampah sawang bagai. apa lagi? kau sebut semua aku buat. Tp masuk 2017 aku quit for some reasons (rahsia laaa).

Please be nice to me 2017 😉 I have such a long wayyyy to go, to face and to survive. Lots more stories in the next post maybe? For now everything is good. Semoga ada lah company yg terima risikan dan pinangan aku ni. I dah lama single ni. cepat2 lah accept sayaaa 😙

Till then,
with doa yg baik2 utk semua.

wassalam 💗